Thank You Craigslist, Again.

Craigslist has been a friend of mine over the past few months. Over here I wrote about selling a few things we wanted to get rid of. Yesterday I sold Little Monkey’s playground. 🙂 We actually bought it used on Craigslist (for $65!!!) I listed it a few months ago on Craigslist and had some interest but it never went anywhere. Then on Thursday night I got an email from a guy who lives more than an hour away who was very interested in it and asked if I could hold it for him. I said I would and we took it apart on Friday so that hopefully it would fit in the back of their minivan without the seats in it. Much to my surprise, it did fit in there! He and his wife were VERY happy about it. This playground is quite costly brand new and hard to get used (because they tend to go really quick!). They paid my asking price of $175! So, Little Monkey got to have the playground for a while, and we sold it for profit to put towards building him a new swingset. So, Pops and Grandpa–We are adding money to the playground fund!!! Hopefully the new owners will enjoy their new playground. Even at $175 it is a pretty good deal! I looked it up online and a new one (granted it wouldn’t be faded) would cost $400 + $41 shipping + $120 oversized shipping= $561 (+Tax!).


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