Yellow Green Beans?

Did you even know there was such a thing? (Ok, so there isn’t really Yellow Green Beans but there are yellow beans and green beans.)

See. Green beans and Yellow beans!

Last night I had a new food experience with yellow beans. I don’t recall ever having them before but I was told they taste just like green beans. I gave one of them a try and thought they were quite similar. In a blind taste test I could probably tell the difference but for the most part they were quite similar. Prior to dinner I don’t think I even know there were yellow beans! (Please try not to make fun of me!) I also asked how yellow beans are yellow but no one had a good answer. Even after a bit of Google-ing, I couldn’t come up with a good answer. (So if you have an answer, you should let me know.)

I do not generally try new foods, so this was a big step for me! Maybe at Thanksgiving dinner I will try something else new. Although I think that might be pushing my luck; I can only handle so many new things in one week!


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