A Clue, A Clue!

Recently, Amy and I have been going to a bible study on Tuesdays. It is at a church a ways from our house but Little Monkey has started to notice things along the way. Last week we took a different route and he kept asking where the fire truck in the tent the was. (Usually we see a few fire trucks on the way there and one is parked underneath a tent type temporary garage.)

The first week that we went to the bible study, Amy took Little Monkey to the park while I went to the lecture and beginner’s class. (I had to get assigned a group and Little Monkey had to get assigned to a class before we could both be attending.) While driving around the parking lot waiting to pick me up, Little Monkey saw a vehicle with the magnet you see here:

He yells out, “A Clue, A Clue!!!” Amy has a hard time figuring out what on earth he is talking about, but eventually she spots the pawprint too and puts it all together. Now everytime we go to bible study, Little Monkey is on the lookout for clues. He always asks where the clues are. I think it is funny how he remembers this from tv and is now finding it out and about. He also found “Blues Clues” in his computer game when you push the pause button. (And now that is his favorite thing to do while playing the game.)


One Response to A Clue, A Clue!

  1. Emily says:

    he is one smart little kid! 🙂

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