Free Movie Sunday!

Thanks to Walmart’s ElevensMoms, The “Cent”sible Sawyer is one, you can get a FREE Redbox movie at Walmart Redbox locations every Sunday for the next five weeks. The “Cent”sible Sawyer has posted all the codes on her blog already, and I will pass them along to you here each Sunday.

Today’s Redbox code is: 11moms4uS   The code is only good today at Walmart Redbox locations. Enjoy your free movie! (Don’t forget tomorrow is Free Movie Monday too! So when you return this movie, you can get another tomorrow!)


One Response to Free Movie Sunday!

  1. Uncle K says:

    If we didn’t have Netflix, this would be really helpful to know!

    (Comment regarding this comment: I know this isn’t very profound. It fact in borders on patronizing and rude because I should just accept your helpful info without pointing out that I have no use for it. However, you said I should comment and so I did and am now even commenting on my comment. It’s like like I’m narrating my own comment – commentary on a comment.)

    But now that I’ve rambled for a while, I do have a legitimate question: Can I win the giveaways? I don’t know if I’m disallowed because of being family and all. I didn’t see any fine print anywhere with the usual legalese notifying me that employees of Kpmattingly and Big Monkey are not eligible nor are their immediate family members. Is Aunt A–I assume that’s her correct moniker–eligible to win? Is she still living with you all? If so, that would definitely be a conflict of interest. Not that I even know how you choose your winners. Maybe Lil’ Monk’ (can I call him that) picks the name out of a hat or bowl? Maybe not. Either way, the question still stands of whether I’m allowed to win.

    I fully realize that me posting this long, slightly obnoxious post on the blog (which you obviously tried to keep a secret from me) could make it awkward in the future. You’ll have to keep refusing to allow my comments to be seen in order to preserve the integrity of your blog and well, that could be awkward at family gatherings. Not that I would make it awkward but the air would be clouded by tense relations in the blogosphere and everyone knows what tense blogosphere relations can do to a party – right?

    Anyways, I’m looking forward to keeping up with ya’ll via this blog and am totally curious to see if this post will actually make it to the site before being censored by the moderator.


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