And Now I’m 28!

So, no big plans for my birthday, as promised. I did go to the driver’s license place to renew my license. And even though I tried to do something with my hair and have a decent photo…it did not turn out as such. I’m sure it did not help that I was sick too. Oh well. And no I am not going to show it to you.

I also went to Walmart to pick up a few things and got a movie from Redbox. Amy cooked dinner for me and gave me two shirts from Old Navy. They are very cute. Little Monkey’s GrandMom also gave me money to get my nails done. (And this past weekend she took me out for dinner and we had a great chocolate cake!) Big Monkey and I have been discussing that my gift might be to get contacts. I have really been thinking about them as of late and so I will look into them. I also received a check from my Grandparents to pick out something for myself. I am not sure what I might buy though. I’m thinking I’ll hold onto the money and combine it with any Christmas money I might get and then go from there.

I imagine this is how it continues as you get older. It is just not that big of a deal. I’m just older. I wonder how many times I’ll get carded this year! Amazingly I did not get carded today for spray paint at Walmart. (I have been carded for this before, along with cough medicine, lotto tickets, wine and beer….and that is just during this past year.)


One Response to And Now I’m 28!

  1. Newlyweds says:

    Happy Birthday! Your still young, go celebrate!!!!

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