My New Toy…Part 2

The other day, I told you about the new toy I got for Christmas. I am very excited about my new toy…and have tried to spend a little time figuring it out.

Until yesterday.

I was working on having it embroider some names. Just trying to see if I’m doing it right, what else I can do better, etc. I have a hard time threading the needle still. (This SHOULD be easy since it is automatic…but yeah…not so much!) I also ran out of bobbin thread, so I needed to run a new bobbin. I followed the steps in the book and after three tries, I finally gave up. Bummer. It was frustrating. I’m sure it is operator error but still. I just want to get the machine to do the stuff right! I want to work out the kinks so I can start doing fun stuff! (This means I’ll also have to get more thread in other colors, but that is okay.) I want to embroider our stockings for next year. You get the picture.

So, once I again I will ask if anyone owns this machine, the Brother SE 270D, please come over and help me out! I am seriously thinking about looking into gettting some lessons on my machine. It might keep me from going crazy!


2 Responses to My New Toy…Part 2

  1. amypaul says:

    Lessons might be a great idea!

  2. Mom says:

    You have Danae’s email….she was very good about getting back to us. Maybe she knows of a place for lessons, too. Sorry, this should not be so hard.

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