If you didn’t already know…I have four fake teeth. Yup, it’s true. They are the front center top two and bottom two. I got them when I was 11. I had an altercation with a swinging baseball bat.

In the course of the past 17 years, ( seems like a long time when you look at it that way) I have had some of them come out on different occasions. Usually something causes the tooth to fall out, like eating something you shouldn’t or being hit in the mouth by a little kid’s head, etc.

This past Sunday, one of my top front teeth was feeling loose. I kept pushing on it all day long but overall assumed it was probably just in my head and that they tooth wasn’t really loose. I forgot about it as the rest of the evening wore on…and well that’s when it happened. I was laying in bed and plop….out came the tooth. It was not good. Well the fake tooth and the real tooth were both fine, it just looked bad. And it was 11:30pm on Sunday night. I called the dentist office to find out what time they opened but the recording didn’t say. It did have a number to call the dentist for emergencies but I was pretty sure this was not an emergencies…at least not in his book!

Almost what I looked like! (The real picture is gross so I am protecting you by not letting you see it!)

I looked up online if there was anything I should do and most sites said to see a dentist ASAP. Well duh, but until then…the other options suggested getting some temporary glue from a drugstore and putting it back on. There was also a site that said you could use Vaseline and corn starch to make a paste and reattach the tooth temporarily. I decided just to put the tooth away for safe keeping, rinse my mouth and go to bed. It was hard to fall asleep because I kept feeling the real tooth and it just felt gross. I set my alarm and got up first thing to call the dentist.

Just before 8am, someone answered the phone. I told the girl of my dilemma and she sounded surprised. She asked if I was available that day to have it fixed. Ummm…no, let’s just let me walk around for a week or so without the tooth…that sounds great. Even if I hadn’t been available, I would have become available! My mouth looked so horrible. I didn’t even want to look at it. Big Monkey found it a little comical and Little Monkey just looked at me kinda funny. He wouldn’t say anything though, which surprised me a little bit. Big Monkey had a meeting for work that morning, but thankfully Amy was able to stay with Little Monkey while I went to the dentist. The earliest they could fit me in was 10:15am.

I got to the dentist early and waited and waited and waited. The longer I waited, the more anxious I became. I already have issues with the dentist (thanks to my long history with them), so having to wait and hear the sounds of the office didn’t help. It also didn’t help that I could feel the real tooth and all the space around it. More than once I thought that I was going to get sick. 😦 Not fun at all! I even read through a couple of magazines, listened to my Ipod and talked on the phone. I just wanted to get it over with!

Apparently they were running behind a little bit and I didn’t go back until almost 11! The hygenist called me back and said, “You’re not smiling at me.” I said, well no…I’m missing a front tooth…it doesn’t look that great. I gave her the tooth (which I had almost left at home!) and she showed the dentist. He doesn’t like my current crowns and of course wants to redo them…wouldn’t we all. If only we had that kind of money! He was like, well what do you want me to do with it? I said, just put it back in! If I could afford to do teeth whitening and replace all the crowns then by all means, yes I would have you do that, but it’s just not in the budget! (Plus my top crowns are only a couple years old.) A few minutes and $71 later, the tooth was back on and I could smile again.

Hopefully it will not happen again…at least not anytime soon.


One Response to Toothless—

  1. Joe O. says:

    If you ever have another tooth emergency you should call my mom. She’ll tell you what you should do! The dentist my mom works for is the bomb.

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