Ziploc Vacuum Sealer Giveaway

I recently received this system in the mail, but sadly I will not use it. I already have a FoodSaver that I am happy with. This is good news for you! I will give away the one I got in the mail to one of my blog readers. Please read the directions carefully and be sure to follow them right.

To enter:
1. You must have a blog to enter this giveaway (Sorry to any nonbloggers.)
2. You must leave a comment on this blog post to be entered.
3. If you win, part of the deal is that you must use the item and blog about it. (I figured I would review it, but since I already have a FoodSaver I don’t want to use this too.)
4. You must enter by Sunday at 11pm.
5. After that I will pick a winner using random number generator and that will person will have two days to respond.

If you don’t know about the Ziploc Vacuum System, you can find out more here.

The Starter System comes with the Vacuum pump and three quart sized freezer bags.


4 Responses to Ziploc Vacuum Sealer Giveaway

  1. Joe O. says:

    Now you are winning so much stuff you have to give it away? You should play Power Ball for me!!!!!

    As you know I have a blog and I would love to review it for you. 🙂

  2. masterfamily says:

    This is a great contest! I’m Carolyn, Amy’s friend! I’ve browsed your site in the past so I guess I’m now coming out of hiding! Thanks for letting me enter!

  3. Joe O. says:

    Wow…am I gonna win by default? Kick butt!

    Kati Here: Not by default…there are now other entries. This entry does not count. So there are a total of three entries.

  4. Judy says:

    What a wonderful giveaway…and something I could really use. Mine bit the dust a while back, and we need one for the food and herbs we dehydrate. I’ve got a blog and would be glad to review the sealer if I won.

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