In This Day?

Over the weekend, Big Monkey, Little Monkey, GrandMom and I went to the grocery store to pick up some items we needed for dinner. We parked the car and as we are getting out, we notice a car that had two kids and a dog in it. The windows were cracked and it wasn’t an overly hot day out, but come on…you don’t live kids or animals in the car, alone, EVER. We discussed what to do and Big Monkey was not wanting to talk to the parents (I agree because you never know what they might do.) The only other option was to call the cops, which we weren’t feeling 100% good about doing either. So we stood close by and kept an eye on the car. GrandMom even went over and talked to the kids. They said that their parents were in the grocery store. The little girl (probably 7ish) said that she was getting very hot. Another few minutes of chatting and we could have likely gotten the kids to open the door. Within a few minutes, the parents showed up with another child and a cartful of groceries. GrandMom was still right next to the car and the Dad asked if he could help her with anything (In a rather rude tone). She said that she was simply staying with his kids to make sure that they were alright since they shouldn’t have been left in the car alone. The Dad didn’t say anything and just looked ticked off that we involved ourselves in the situation. But seriously…in this day especially, who leaves their kids in the car alone. We probably could have gotten them out easily and been gone. And then how would that Dad feel? If he learned anything for our putting our noses in his business, I hope that he doesn’t leave his kids in the car again. I do wonder though if we made the right choice. Should we have just called the cops? What would you do if you saw kids locked in a car (even if the windows are partly rolled down)?


3 Responses to In This Day?

  1. Mom says:

    He’s a DAD! Not usual by either parents this day and time. However, I do remember sitting in the car waiting for YOUR grandparents to come out of a store or meeting. But, yes, I know, it is a different day. Love you for being concerned.

    Kati Here: There was BOTH a Mom and Dad there…why couldn’t one have gone in the store while the other stayed with the kids?!?!

  2. Joe O. says:

    I would have called the cops…You did good to make sure the kids were ok until the parents returned, but I just hate people who do stuff like that. I know that it is more difficult to shop with your kids, but come on, it is one of the choices you make when you do the dirty…

  3. Judy says:

    I didn’t pick one, because I’ve been in the same boat and was so unsure of what to do. I was madder than a wet hen when I spotted an infant in a car parked near mine one afternoon. It was hot outside and the baby was screaming. I had no cell phone at the time and didn’t want to leave the scene. I considered breaking the window. Shortly after I spotted the baby the mother came out. I couldn’t help telling her how absolutely stupid leaving her baby in the car was…and dangerous. She appeared pretty stunned by the confrontation (completely non-violent but pretty matter of fact). She was full of excuses and very repentant…Hopefully she was fortunate…but dehydration alone will kill a wee one. In hindsight, I should have called the police anyway…with a license tag number.

    Much of the time in these situations, it boils down to laziness on the part of the person leaving children unattended in cars. That’s sad.

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