Q&A Follow Up

Once again I am disappointed in the response for Q&A. There were actually three questions total, but for reasons I cannot disclose at this time I had to delete one question.

So onto the questions that I did receive and approve.

Grampa Carol Says:

Dear Wizardess,

If young one is little monkey and his dad is big monkey does that make his grandfather Paul an ape? And in turn does that make his great grandfather a silver back ape, or grand ape?

Grampa and Grandma Carol (since I’m not sure which one really wrote this)-

I do not know the hierarchy of monkeys and apes, so I don’t really know the answer to your question. Little Monkey and Big Monkey are used as a small type of security to their real names on the internet. If I was referring to his Grandfather or Great Grandfather, I would probably just use their names that we call them. For example: Pops and Great Grandpa.

Next question:

Mom Says:

How many hits have you had at etsy?

We have set up Google Analytics to help us with this information for our shop. We have had 454 hits, with 271 of them being from a “unique person.” They have viewed a total of 1008 pages. We have also had visits from seven countries including United States, Australia, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Canada and Israel. (As of 7pm 2/8/09)


3 Responses to Q&A Follow Up

  1. Holly says:

    Fun.. I didn’t know you were doing a Q&A guess I should check up on you more. 🙂

  2. Cat says:

    google analysis what? teach me oh wise one!

  3. Dad says:

    OK I’ve waited long enough and no one else commented and it hasn’t been corrected. Grandpa Carol!?!? who is that?

    Kati Here: That was how the question was submitted.

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