Glad To Have DVR

I am very glad that we have DVR and do not have to waste our time watching commercials. We start watching shows way after they being and still finish up at the same time as if we started on time. The benefit is no commercials. I understand that television channels use commercials to help pay for their operation but I don’t really care to watch the commercials. I do not like to be bombarded by things I should be buying and medicines I should be talking to my doctor about.

We’ve been using the DVR to watch many shows, but the one we watched last night was The Biggest Loser!

Every week I ask if Biggest Loser is two hours, and well, every week it is. Thankfully we have the DVR and can skip the commercials and it only takes about an hour and fifteen minutes to watch. This is actually the first season of The Biggest Loser that I have even been invested in. I’m not even sure why, but it is pretty cool. It’s crazy to see how much some of these people weigh is just crazy. And to see the numbers they put up on the scale each week is often just as crazy.

Every Tuesday night, you know where to find us. On the couch, watching The Biggest Loser. Often with a yummy snack in hand too!


One Response to Glad To Have DVR

  1. Joe O. says:

    I love my DVR. We’ve had one since my mom went to Dish Network when I still lived there. That was so long ago that Dish’s DVR would not allow you to schedule series recordings. Every week you had to go through the Guide and find the shows you want to record and record them. One at a time. That was a pain, but it was still awesome.

    On Tuesday nights alone my DVR records 5 different shows! 2 episodes of Scrubs, Bizzare Foods with Andrew Zimmerman, 10 Items or Less and something else that I can’t remember…It is a life saver!

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