Yummy Ice Cream

The other day I really wanted some ice cream, so while I was at the store, I planned to pick up a pint of ice cream. I was just going to buy Blue Bell (1. It’s good and 2. It’s cheap!) While I was checking out ice cream options, I noticed that Dove pints were buy one get one free, which would make them cheaper than the Blue Bell. Being the kinda person that I am, I picked up some mint ice cream for Big Monkey. I picked up Dove Toffee Caramel Moment. Oh my…..this stuff is great. I’m loving it. I might have to pick up some more! The flavors are great and none of them are too overwhelming. (You should try it out…unless you are on a diet, or life change (sorry Joe), then I’m sorry I even mentioned it!)


One Response to Yummy Ice Cream

  1. Joe O. says:

    Oh yes…I love some Dove Ice Cream…they put chocolate on TOP of the ice cream! Completely sealed in there! SO SO so good…oh well…

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