Rock Band Party Day

Today we will be having family over for Little Monkey’s “Rock Band” Birthday Party. I’m sure there will be more pictures to come…but here is a small tidbit of what we will be doing.

PKU Sugar Cookie Cake

PKU Sugar Cookie "Cake"

The messy looking swirl part is actually star shaped cookies that spell out Little Monkey’s name. Little Monkey has seen the cookie and LOVES it already. I know he’ll be happy to eat some today. (He already had a cookie last night…and some extra icing during the decorating process.) We also have a drumset made of chocolate chip cookie dough to go with the “Rock Band” theme. Little Monkey’s set of stars and guitar are made from a special recipe for him. It is a sugar cookie and it really is not bad. We ate them and they were good. (Now, they are not sugar cookies like you and I might be used to, but they still aren’t bad.) Amy made the cookies for Little Monkey and she did a great job. You can check out her site for a more step by step look at it.

More pictures to come after the party.


One Response to Rock Band Party Day

  1. Joe O. says:

    Cool cake…I wish I had guitar cake!

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