Formula Drama

In January, we were getting low on Little Monkey’s formula and we let his dietician know that we needed to order more from the state pharmacy. She placed the order and not too long after we received half of the order via overnight delivery. The other half of the order…never showed. She tried to get it delivered but got nowhere with the state. After trying for awhile, she gave up and ordered a brand new full order. We all figured that this would solve the problem but boy were we wrong.

It is now March and we will run out of formula today! (This is after being given two cans when we were at the Dr.’s office two weeks ago. We are supposed to be receiving our order today, via overnight delivery. After multiple phone calls and emails, our dietitian finally spoke to someone at the state pharmacy on Tuesday who claimed that they never got the original order. (How is it possible that just now you realized that? All those other phone calls and emails….??? Did you just ignore them? I need this guy’s job. I’m sure I could do it at least as well as he is.) Our dietitian refaxed the order AGAIN and the guy promised that they would be overnighting it to us. So I hope today that I will get some boxes of formula. If for some odd reason it does not show up, it looks like we’ll be heading to Orlando to pick up the very last can that the Dr.’s office has. And that can will only give the state an extra 2.5 days to get the formula to us.

I guess I should be grateful that we haven’t even had issues before with getting our formula in a timely manner but this has been going on for two months!


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