Ok, I Guess The Secret Is Out

If you didn’t already know…you will know now.

Little Monkey is going to be a BIG BROTHER.

We are due with Baby #2 October 6th. We do plan to find out what we are having when the time comes. We are currently 10.5 weeks along. We’ll keep you updated on information as we have it! I will also be posting a few blogs about how we told our family that we were expecting (what everyone thought would NEVER happen) our little one.

We will need to come up with a blog name for the Baby but I’m going to hold out until we know if it is a boy or girl.

So, now you know!


6 Responses to Ok, I Guess The Secret Is Out

  1. Joe O. says:

    WHAT? OMG! I HAD NO IDEA ;)Congrats again Kt!

    Kati Here: You’re so funny!

  2. Dad says:

    I thought would NEVER happen, glad it did! Baby Monkey?

  3. Jennifer says:

    Congratulations Katie!! That’s so exciting!!

  4. Joe O. says:

    You can always change the names to Thing 1 and Thing 2

  5. kathleen says:


  6. infijess says:

    Woo Hoo!! Shoot for October Fool’s Day that’s my birthday!! And have a girl for me, I’m afraid to try again!

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