How We Told The Family, Part 1

After keeping our secret for about four days, we decided to spill the beans to Amy first. After all, she was likely to find out VERY soon if I started getting sick. The boys were outside playing and we had Little Monkey practice saying, “I’m the Big Brother!” He seemed to have it down, so I went in the house and told Amy that Little Monkey said he has something to tell her and could she come outside real quick (She was getting ready to cook dinner.). She came out and we asked Little Monkey what he wanted to tell her. He came out with something else totally unrelated. We regrouped and he tried again. This time it came out right. Amy seemed surprised and said, “What?!” To which Little Monkey repeated himself again!

We started talking about it and Amy had actually thought that we were already pregnant and had told one of her friends that she thought so. She said she was expecting that as we opened Christmas presents, one would be something about an upcoming baby, but no, this was not the case. She also said that we were being suspicious, so she thought she had an idea before too. We brainstormed some ideas for how to tell Grammy and Pops (since Little Monkey was headed there for the weekend!).

More to come soon…


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