How We Told The Family, Part 2

Little Monkey was headed to stay with Grammy and Pops for the weekend. We decided to make him a shirt that said, “I’m the Big Brother.” In my trip of looking for a shirt that would work, I actually found an “I’m the Big Brother” shirt at Walmart. I went ahead and bought it, figuring it would be easier than making one.

Little Monkey and I headed over to Grammy’s school on Friday to see her and some of the teachers. He did not wear his “I’m the Big Brother” t-shirt because we were not announcing the baby to the world yet. Instead, he wore a long sleeve shirt and jeans. After Grammy’s school, we headed back to Grammy and Pops’ house to get everything moved over for the weekend. I took him to the bedroom to change his diaper and also put his new shirt on. Little Monkey headed back out to the living room to play with some toys. He must have walked past Grammy ten times and she didn’t seem to notice his “Big Brother” shirt.

Proudly showing off his new shirt!

We went outside to check on Pops who was moving the car seat over to their car. Pops looked at Little Monkey once or twice but he was very concentrated on getting his task of installing the car seat done. Back inside Little Monkey walked around the house and by Grammy, who still had not taken notice that Little Monkey had changed shirts. Pops came in from moving the carseat and took notice of Little Monkey’s shirt. He checked it out again and then looked at me and smiled. I told him that Grammy had walked past Little Monkey at least ten times and still hadn’t noticed. When she came out of the bathroom, Pops and I were laughing and carrying on and she couldn’t figure out why. I said something like, “Didn’t you notice that Little Monkey has a different shirt on than earlier?” She says, “Yes.” And acted like it was no big deal. I’m like, obviously you didn’t see his shirt, you need to read it again. To which she did and was quite surprised (We had been going through adoption stuff before and hadn’t planned on getting pregnant again, but we changed our minds.).

They were both excited and happy to hear that a sibling would be coming along for Little Monkey. Pops, Grammy and Little Monkey then headed off to the beach for the weekend.


4 Responses to How We Told The Family, Part 2

  1. Joe O. says:

    Of course they were excited! Now they have another grandchild to spoil!

  2. Mom says:

    In my defense, I was rushing around to get things ready to leave. I thought it was the “Little Kid, BIG ideas shirt” and that he is. However, we are delighted and know know Little Monkey will be a great Big Brother!

  3. Jennifer says:

    We did the same thing to tell both of our parents when we found out we were expecting again. And it took all four of them a little while to notice the shirt too!

  4. infijess says:

    With our first we had Joe wear a “This is what a Cool Dad looks like” shirt … took them forever …

    This time we had Caelan in Wal-Marts (gotta love the ease!) Only Child crossed out with Big Brother …. took even longer!!!

    To announce twins we just said we found out if it’s a boy or girl … and when they asked what we said boys and let them figure it out.


    Congrats you guys!!!

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