Name Help

I know when I post for questions and help on here…generally the answers are lacking. Even still, I’m going to give you all another shot. As you know, Little Monkey is going to be a Big Brother and we are thinking about what on Earth we will name the new child.

We have a short list (two names, one with and one without a middle name) for girls. I have a feeling that this child is going to be another boy. The problem with that is that we have only one name on the boy list and I’m not feeling that great about it. (I’m not telling you what the names are either.)

So I am asking that you leave comments with ideas for BOYS names ONLY. First names, first and middle names, whatever you got! We need some more names to consider. Also if the first name is on the Social Security Administration’s Top Names List from 2007, it is not too likely we will use it, but you never know. Go ahead and suggest it if you REALLY like it!

While hunting around for a fun comic about baby naming….I found this:

And while yes, I am asking for your ideas for BOY names…it doesn’t mean that any of your suggestions will for sure “win.” And even if one of your suggestions does “win,” you will probably not win a prize either. (You can just enjoy the fact that we picked the name you suggested and gloat to all your friends.)


4 Responses to Name Help

  1. Joe O. says:

    Joseph! An it isn’t in the top 10? What is going on in this world!?!?!?

  2. infijess says:

    I do believe you have seen my list on FB. I like that you posted the SSA list! I should have done that!

    Names we can’t use but love:

    Logan (too popular but a family name)
    Gryphon or Griffin
    Caden (too popular)
    Noah (too popular)
    Conor (too popular)

    I love to play around with spelling until I like the name. Caelan was initially Cailen but Joe hated it .. once I played with the spelling he loved it! We just reverted back tot he more traditional Gaelic spelling instead of the Anglicized.

    Boys names are soooo tough!! I DO NOT envy you … aside from the fact that I have to find two!!!!

  3. Uncle K says:

    You guys didn’t take my suggestion the first time but I re-submit just in case you realize you passed up a masterpiece…”Jamal” Paul and Jamal has a nice ring to it.

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