Our First Consignment Sale

A couple weeks ago I read about a consignment sale that would be happening in a town not too far from us. There was supposed to be over 80 families participating. They were advertising clothing of all sizes (for babies-kids), maternity clothes, strollers, toys, outside toys, etc. I decided that while I didn’t know what we really could NEED, aside from some maternity clothes, we should probably still go look.

The sale started at 9am and we got there about 10:45am. It was CRAZY. It was hard to get around with Little Monkey’s stroller and there was a line to pay that was already the length of the building. There were TONS of girl clothes and a decent selection of boys clothes, although Little Monkey only ended up with one pair of dress pants and one pair of sandals. I also thought the toy selection was not that great. We ended up getting two VeggieTales movies for Little Monkey to take to the beach house.

I was able to get a pair of shorts, a pair of jeans, a swimsuit and a dress. There wasn’t anywhere to try things on there, so I just had to hope I had the right size. I tried everything on after we got home and it all is pretty good. 🙂 Not bad considering I got those items, plus all of Little Monkey’s items for less than what a brand new pair of maternity jeans would have cost me! Sunday the sale will be having many (but not all) remaining items at 50% off. We do not have the time to go back and see if there is anything left that would be worthwhile, so oh well.

The check out process could have gone better but it wasn’t horrible. The line was long and rather slow moving. Little Monkey got bored with everything I had to entertain him with rather quickly. He was a trooper though and hung in there. I’m just glad we were not there right when it opened…I’m sure it was even more of a mad house then.


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