Check Engine

Yesterday, after working very hard on crafting in the morning and during Little Monkey’s nap, we decided to take Little Monkey to Big Bounce. We hadn’t been in awhile, so I was sure he would enjoy it. We took two cars because we thought Amy might need to leave sooner than Little Monkey and I would. Driving out of our neighborhood I noticed that my Check Engine, VSC and Trac Off lights were all lit up on my dashboard. I turned off my car and turned it back on. Same thing. I called Big Monkey and he wanted me to go home right away. We pulled over and he had me look up what all the lights meant in my car book. There wasn’t much of an explanation, except that the Trac Off light was probably on because the VSC light was on. Big Monkey told me to take it to Advance Auto Parts and have them run their computer on it.

I sent Amy and Little Monkey on their way, hoping I would be meeting them shortly at Big Bounce. I headed over to Advance Auto Parts and explained my problem. They hooked my car right up to the computer and the only problem it showed was with the O2 sensor. It is either dirty and needs to be cleaned or needs to be replaced. I called Big Monkey and let him know. He asked me not to drive it too much but did say it would be fine to go to Big Bounce to meet Amy and Little Monkey.

I headed over there and found out that they were the only people playing there! How nice. Little Monkey got 45 minutes with the entire place to himself! He had a great time and Amy followed him around some and helped him play. He also did some playing on his own. While he played, we worked on our crafts some more. We had gotten about 50 coffee cozies done earlier in the day to the point where they needed to be turn inside out. We finished all of them while Little Monkey played. It was nice to get out of the house, let Little Monkey run out some excess energy and still get work done for the craft show! I think we will plan to go back to Big Bounce again in the afternoon since there seems to be no one there! When I got back in my car to drive home, NONE of the lights on my dashboard came on. Why can’t it be consistent?!

Friday we will see about taking my car in for a tune up or something. It also is having an issue with the air conditioning (NOT a good problem to have in Florida, in the summer, while pregnant!). Hopefully we can get all the issues figured out and it won’t cost us too much (Good thing we are getting a decent tax return! Looks like it will be going to work on the cars!).


2 Responses to Check Engine

  1. Joe O. says:

    Funny thing is that on my Chevy (vs your Toyota) I’ve been recently having a very similar issue with the same basic lights coming on. The only difference is that when I restart the car it fixes itself. With mine the ONLY time the computer would show the error is when the lights were on, so if you take it to the shop and the check engine light is off, their computer will say everything is fine. At least thats what it has done to me!

  2. […] Monkey went in today and Little Monkey and I met him there. Big Monkey explained about the lights that came on in my car and that are now out. He also explained about the a/c issue and told them we would like to have whatever needs to be […]

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