Day of Doctors

Yesterday I spent the day visiting a couple of doctors.

I first had an appointment at my Periodontist. I alternate between seeing their office and seeing my regular dentist ever since I had oral surgery done at the periodontist’s office. I do not like going to the dentist or the periodontist. I usually have high anxiety about these visits. I also take my ipod with me to try and block out some of the sounds of the office (although to be honest, this doesn’t really work that great.). I have been seeing the same hygienist there for the past five years. Yesterday I got called back by a different hygienist. And she put me in a different chair. I was nervous. First, I don’t like being there in the first place. Second, I forgot my ipod so I didn’t have anything to “zone out” with. Third, they gave me to a new hygienist who did EVERYTHING differently from my old hygienist. I did not like it one bit. The new hygienist wasn’t that bad either…it’s just that I don’t like change and I wasn’t expecting it. Anxiety level was definitely up during the entire visit. I did fine and all is well. Of course she said I could floss better to help my gums tighten up and not be as puffy in some areas (but we already knew that!). I have to go back at the beginning of October, which I laughed at and so we scheduled for in September. Hopefully it will be right before the baby gets here. If not, I’ll be canceling that appointment!

After that appointment I had two hours to kill before going to the OB/GYN. I got a smoothie from Planet Smoothie and then went to a couple of stores. Nothing of any excitement to note. I didn’t buy anything! I also went to McDonald’s for lunch and worked on my BSF lesson while I was there. (I was trying to kill time…it wasn’t working too well.) I ended up at the OB/GYN’s office forty minutes before my appointment! (There was no good shopping close by to where I was.) I worked on my BSF lesson for a little bit more and then headed in for my appointment, still quite early.

When I signed in, I was informed that I had a balance on my account from my ER visit. The insurance company denied my claim because they said that they are not my primary insurance company. Umm..what?!?! They paid the hospital their money, but not my doctor. So I had to pay it and I will be calling the insurance company later today to straighten out the $150 bill. I waited around for my appointment and eventually got called back.

My doctor came in after a bit and was happy to see that I was doing much better than the last time I saw him. (The last time I saw this particular doctor, I was in the ER.) He was also happy to hear that the meds he gave me are working. He said that he would rather I didn’t take the meds but at least they are working since I need them to.  He was also happy to see that I had gained so weight. I guess this is good considering that when I was pregnant with Little Monkey I started out by losing 15 pounds from being so sick. They offered me the pentascreen blood test (would determine if the baby has Down’s). I took the paper and found out that I did do the test with Little Monkey. I asked the doctor if they would do anything differently knowing the outcome of that test. He said no that it is an optional test and I can take it if I want or not. He said some people choose to have an abortion after finding out the test was positive. I said that we would not be doing that so he said it would just let us know ahead of time what we might be dealing with. We are still thinking about whether or not we’ll do it.

I also got to hear the baby’s heartbeat. When I was in the ER I had seen the heartbeat on the ultrasound but this was the first time to hear it. The baby was moving around a bit but the doctor did manage to find it, lose it and find it again. I asked him before we started if it would be okay if I recorded the heartbeat on my cell phone since Big Monkey couldn’t be there. (I felt odd asking but he said it was fine and that lots of people do that.) So I got to bring the heartbeat home to Big Monkey and Little Monkey. Everything is looking well for now and the doctor is happy with our progress. We are 13 weeks along as of today!


2 Responses to Day of Doctors

  1. amypaul says:

    You need to start taking weekly pictures!

  2. Emily says:

    I’m so excited for you guys. 🙂

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