Crafting In Full Swing

We brought a bunch of our crafting stuff with us to the beach house so that we would not get behind. I have been working on getting stuff done, a little bit at a time.

This is the current count of where we are at:

82 coffee cozies are ready for buttons
60 coffee cozies are pinned and ready to be sewn, then buttoned
60 coffee cozies need to be pinned, to be sewn, to be buttoned
All the Large and Mini Gadget cozies are ready to be ironed, then pinned, then sewn, then buttoned, then sewn

Today is supposed to be chilly (for beach standards), so I’m hoping to get a bunch of work done. Yesterday we took my embroidery machine in to the shop to see if they could look at it. A little tweaking and it appears to be working well. We got some new thread colors so that we can make Mickey Mouse and Pluto. I haven’t started working on it yet, but probably later today I will get out that machine and see if we can make a real looking Mickey Mouse! We even got a tshirt to try and put a Mickey Mouse on it for Little Monkey. 🙂


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