Egg Hunting

Over the weekend, we took Little Monkey to an egg hunt put on by the city out near my parent’s condo. Little Monkey had a good time although he was sad at the end when he did not have enough eggs to fill his bucket! It was really funny how he would collect the eggs. He would run past a bunch of eggs and grab one egg. Then he would leave that big group of eggs and run to another group of eggs to just pick up one! He was very happy to find some Smarties inside some of his eggs when we opened them. He had to share his other candy with me but he was very giving about it. Such a sweet boy.

Here are a few pictures from the fun:

Waiting to start the egg hunt

Waiting to start the egg hunt

Get those eggs!

Get those eggs!

Another Egg!

Checking out his collection


2 Responses to Egg Hunting

  1. Joe O. says:

    Did he throw any body checks to get to the eggs?

    Kati Here: No he was a good kid. 🙂

  2. holly says:

    So cute! That cute little guy!!! I love seeing pictures of him, he is getting so big.

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