It Is Working!

We had the embroidery machine looked at this week and it seemed to be mostly operator error in using it. We got it back home, plugged it in and tried out some new stuff on the machine. And then we proceeded to break two needles! Whoops!

Here is the set up at the beach house for the embroidery machine:

Working at the kitchen bar

Working at the kitchen bar

When we had it at the shop, the guy tested it out with the ABC and the other A letter you see here. When we got home, we tried to make a Mickey Mouse head, but that is when we broke the needles! So I gave up on Mickey Mouse and thought we should try something easier.

ABCs and part of Mickeys head

ABCs and part of Mickey's head

After breaking the needles…I chose to make words. Since they only required two colors, they would be easier to make…at least that is what I figured. I picked out “Donald Duck.” It turned out pretty good, although just as it was finishing up the yellow for the K, part of the yellow didn’t come through. Dang it. It was looking so good too!

Donald Duck

Donald Duck

After all this, we decided to try and make a small Mickey Mouse. He definately did not come out perfectly but even Little Monkey knew that it was Mickey Mouse. The picture is a bit blurry, but gives you a decent idea of how he turned out. A little more practice and we may be on our way to making Mickey Mouse characters on other stuff. (Wouldn’t it make a cute burp cloth or bib set?)

Mickey Mouse!

Mickey Mouse!


2 Responses to It Is Working!

  1. Joe O. says:

    So, does the machine not do it all by itself?

  2. Holly says:

    No Joe! These things take a skilled craftswoman like Kati to work the machine!!! 🙂
    Looks great to me, although I am not skilled at this stuff! 🙂

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