Craft Show Update

Yesterday Big Monkey was at work, so we turned our bedroom back into our “sweat shop,” as we so kindly refer to it! We like to try and keep things cleaned up and out of the way when Big Monkey is home because when the “sweat shop” is up and running it takes over a good portion of our bedroom!

We are trying to get everything finished for the craft show. We are actually ahead of schedule! Yeah! We had made a goal to have a specific amount of items completed by next Friday. We only have the following left: 33 Little Guy Ties need elastic attached and final sewing and 55 coffee cozies that still need buttons (these must be done by hand, which is why they aren’t done yet!). EVERYTHING else is done. It is amazing that we have gotten so much done already but I’m very happy that we should finish earlier than we planned. Then we can focus on how we will display our items and the logistics of the craft show.

Amy spent some time organizing all the items we have made and making sure everything was listed in our computer spreadsheet. At one point my bedroom looked like this:

Lots of Coffee Cozies!

Lots of Coffee Cozies!

This is not even all of them! I really am happy with our progress and can’t wait to report when we have EVERYTHING done! (We actually have more either done or in the “in progress” stage than what was our original goal!)


2 Responses to Craft Show Update

  1. Joe O. says:

    Very cool! You go girl! 🙂

  2. Uncle K says:

    You guys are so crafty!

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