Thrift Stores

I happen to like going to thrift stores. Often times I don’t end up buying anything but sometimes I’ll find something worthwhile. (Like the time I got a big Little Tikes cube for Little Monkey for $10, or the time I got the Scooba for $50-we really should use this more!)

Yesterday I took part of the afternoon and hit up a few thrift stores in the area. I had heard of two new ones recently and was hoping to make it to the one I hadn’t been to yet. (The other new one I went to a few days ago. All clothing was on sale for $1! I got two maternity skirts and one pair of maternity shorts for $3 total! Great deal.) I didn’t end up making it to the other new one but did have some success. I started at the store farthest from us (in our general area-there are MANY more thrift stores that are farther away but I have to go to those when I’m already in that area).

The first store was a disappointment. I found nothing. I did actually have a few things I was looking for too. 1. A dresser to use for Little Monkey when the Baby gets here and takes the changing table/dresser from him. 2. A “knuckle buster” credit card machine for use at our craft show. I did not find either of these items! The second store was also a disappointment today. I have found items at each of these stores before, but not today. That’s the thing about thrift store shopping…you just never know.

The third store I went to is a store that is connected with a house that helps pregnant teenagers. Half of their store is maternity and baby items. The other half is regular clothes, older kid toys, books, household stuff, etc. They were having a sale and anything with a blue dot on it was half off. Great…I took a look and found quite a bit with blue dots…and even some stuff in my size. I ended up getting a maternity polo shirt for $1, a maternity tee for $0.50, and a maternity dress (that hardly looks worn) for $1.50! That brightened up my shopping experience for sure.

The last store I went to I ended up getting two yards of one fabric for $1 and one yard of another fabric for $0.50. This is a great deal and we will likely use the fabrics for items in our shop.

I had planned to hit up at least two other stores in our area, but I was just getting worn out. Carrying around a baby tends to wear you out a bit quicker than if you weren’t! (And yes I know…we’re only 15.5 weeks…it will likely just get worse, especially with the summer Florida heat!)


2 Responses to Thrift Stores

  1. Joe O. says:

    You would think women would try to plan to spend the majority of their time pregnant in the winter, especially in Florida, but I’m not an expert…

    Glad you found something at the thrift stores! 🙂

  2. holly says:

    I love hearing about your shopping adventures! I love you!

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