A New Ring-

Yesterday I decided that it was about time I ordered a new ring for my belly button piercing. Since I am pregnant, I am going to have to change out my ring soon to something that is flexible and will allow my belly grow with the baby while not messing up my piercing. I had done the same thing for Little Monkey, but who knows what happened to that ring and it would probably be best to just get a new one. I looked around online and ended up ordering one from Belly Charms. Much to my surprise, the new ring showed up today! Great turn around! I will probably go ahead and put the new ring in sometime in the next week or so.

Since we don’t know what we are having, I got a ring that has a pink ball and a blue ball (far right):

We are hoping to find out soon what we are having so that we can either start getting pink stuff and getting rid of excess blue items or we can go through Little Monkey’s stuff to see what we might still need (I can’t imagine we’d need much if anything.). I go back to the Doctor on Wednesday, so we’ll see how things are going. I haven’t heard yet when they are planning for an ultrasound, but I imagine it will be within the next month. They are now able to do the ultrasounds at their office, so maybe we can have it done while we’re already there for another appointment.


One Response to A New Ring-

  1. Joe O. says:

    I say Go girls! 🙂

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