Art Show Experience

This weekend we had our first experience with being in a craft/art show. It was probably not what we expected, but we did okay. It was a good learning experience. We got to the park on Friday afternoon to check in and found out that our location for our “booth” was underneath the bridge. It seemed a bit odd but we figured we wouldn’t have to worry about the sun! What we didn’t realize was that it was going to be quite a bit windy.

On Saturday, we were up bright and early (before the sun…I’m pretty sure) and headed over to the park. We got all of our stuff unloaded from the cars and then moved it over to our “booth”. Being the pregnant lady, I got off easy on the moving part and only had to move light items. Big thanks to Amy, Kasey, Pops and Grammy for their hard work. We got all our stuff out and put together and after a few snags (minor stuff) we had it done. We decided not to use our tent (canopy) that we brought with us because we felt it would just be more of a hinderance and one more thing to have to deal with.

Two Florida Girls, ready and hopeful for a good day.

Two Florida Girls, ready and hopeful for a good day.

The day was interesting to say the least. We did met a person at the show who we had “met” online at Etsy before the show. She and her husband had a booth near ours and they were quite busy selling their items. We were surprised that our very first sale of the day went to an older gentleman…and he bought two University of Tennessee coffee cozies. Who would have thunk it?!? We also had many comments like…”Clever,” “How cute,” “I’ve never seen anything like this.” But sadly, most of those comments did not turn into sales. One person even asked what kind of sewing machine I had.

We took some pictures of our displays (partly to help us remember on Sunday how it was set up). I won’t bore you with all of those photos, especiallysince I already showed you one yesterday. But…here is one…

Gadget cozies, Coffee Cozies and Magnets

Gadget cozies, Coffee Cozies and Magnets

I have more to share about the show…but that is all for today. More to come…


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  1. Joe O. says:

    Progress not perfection remember!

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