Mother’s Day at Magic Kingdom

Sunday, Big Monkey, Little Monkey, GrandMom, Aunt S, Cousins S and B and I all went to Magic Kingdom. We had planned to go to a few places in the park and also just hoped to be able to meet a few characters. One of my sister-in-law’s friends works for Disney and was working on Sunday. She knew we were coming and was able to set us up with a special character meet and greet!

We all were up bright and early on Sunday to head to Magic Kingdom. Big Monkey had to stop off at a friend’s house to pick up some tickets and also then meet GrandMom. The rest of us piled into my car later and headed off to see the mouse. I have not driven to the house of mouse since living in our new city, so I plugged it into the GPS system and followed it. Not a good idea. Let me just tell you, the handy dandy GPS system does NOT know how to get you to the Magic Kingdom. Ok, well it does, if you are a cast member and are allowed to go on cast member roads. Since we were not cast members, we followed around until we got back on another road and followed signs to get to the Magic Kingdom. Which normally would have been fine, but apparently on Mother’s Day, there was a triathlon. And therefore they closed down some roads. Had it been marked better, we wouldn’t have wasted even more time. They sent us on a detour and off we went…right back to where we started. I was so mad at this point that I called Big Monkey, who was already waiting for us in the parking lot, and let him know what was going on. We headed back out to a main road and got on the interstate and followed the tourist signs and got to the Magic Kingdom parking lot. We were kindly greeted by a nice man who took our $12, gave us a parking pass, wished us a magical day and a Happy Mother’s Day. (I’m sure at this point we looked crazy as two women with three children heading into Disney on Mother’s Day.)

Big Monkey and GrandMom met us in the parking lot and helped wrangle the three children and the double stroller into the tram to get up to the ticket counter. We got the extra tickets that we needed and headed over for a bathroom pit stop. Then everyone got on the big ferry to make our way over to the entrance gate for Magic Kingdom. As we were boarding the ferry, Disney employees handed out tissue paper like flowers to all the mothers. They had a few different colors and we attached two of them to our stroller. GrandMom put hers on her hat as an accessory. As we went into the park, some more Disney employees handed out carnations to mothers again. The boys ended up wrecking our carnations sometime later in the day. We went and took a few pictures near the castle.

Little Monkey, Baby M, Me and Big Monkey

We headed into Tomorrowland and went on the Buzz Lightyear ride. The wait was only five minutes and I would be surprised if we actually did wait that long even. Big Monkey was very intense in his efforts to get the most points (which he succeeded in doing) and Cousin B was scared. I think Cousin B does not like loud sounds and darken spaces. After Buzz Lightyear, we grabbed a few drinks and a snack and headed over to the Speedway. Amy had told me to make sure I took Little Monkey on the Speedway because he really likes it and it is funny to watch him drive. I was all set to take him myself when I saw the sad sign, “Expectant mothers should not ride.” Big bummer. So while everyone else got to ride on the Speedway, I was sitting there by myself. I tried calling my mom again to wish her a Happy Mother’s Day and I did finally find her. I also had some water and jellybeans while I waited!

Thanks to the already long length of this post…I have decided to make this a multiple day set of posts about our day. Please come back and look for more pictures and information about our day!


4 Responses to Mother’s Day at Magic Kingdom

  1. Joe O. says:

    yay! Had you not had the Triathlon I believe the GPS would have led you to the back entrance to the Magic Kingdom Parking lot. This would have allowed you to park for free. Too bad šŸ™‚

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