Mother’s Day at Magic Kingdom Part 3

If you are just getting started here…you can read Part 1 here and Part 2 here. Sorry that one day at Disney is taking SO many posts but there is plenty to tell you and plenty of pictures too (and I’m only showing you  some of them!).

Once everybody got their Mickey ears, we headed to find another ride to go on. While we were deciding what to go on, Cousin B fell asleep in the stroller. We decided that Aunt S, Big Monkey and GrandMom would go ride Splash Mountain. Little Monkey thought that he would go on it too but sadly he wasn’t tall enough. I wasn’t allowed to go on it anyhow (That dreaded sign…“Expectant mothers should not ride.”) So I stayed with the boys. V had also given us some fast passes, so they used that to avoid the 40 minute wait! While they were gone, Cousin B woke up and Cousin S needed to go potty. Oh my I must have looked like a sight to see… One pregnant woman, one double stroller, three young boys. There happened to be a “family” restroom at Splash Mountain, but after waiting for it, Cousin S decided that he couldn’t wait any longer. So into the women’s restroom we went…one pregnant woman, one double stroller, three young boys. After everyone had gone to the bathroom we headed back out to find our spot to sit and wait for the others to get off the ride. They appeared shortly after and off we headed to find an indoor ride so that we could cool down a bit.



We decided to ride Pirates of the Caribbean. Cousin B wasn’t sure about the ride but then decided he would go on it. That is until we got closer to it and it was a bit dark and he then decided that it was not a good idea. We bribed him with some jellybeans if he would do okay on the ride. He still cried some but overall he did do a good job. To continue to enjoy something a little cooler, we then went over to the Jungle Cruise. We had a good skipper and everyone enjoyed the ride. We made a stop for bathrooms and snacks at Columbia Harbour House. And since it was still hot, we headed over to it’s a small world. The boys loved all the boat rides. Just as the ride was ending, Little Monkey fell asleep! Go figure! With one little guy asleep and two others that looked like they might crash soon too, we went to go see Mickey’s PhilharMagic. Little Monkey woke up just as I picked up our glasses for the show. He said, “What’s this?” I told him where we were and he said, “I remember this. I like this show!” And after that he stayed awake and watched the show. Cousin S liked it too and was dancing in his seat to the music. Cousin B didn’t like it. Once again I think it has to do with it being dark and having loud noises.

After Mickey’s PhilharMagic, we decided to let the boys run some energy out since they suddenly had some extra energy! We went over to Ariel’s Grotto and let the little ones run around. Cousins B & S both got SOAKED playing in the water. Little Monkey didn’t even want to go play at first but he did play after a bit.

A bit wet!

A bit wet!

Alrighty, that’s enough for today. There is still more to come though, so come back tomorrow for more pictures and stories about our day!


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