Mother’s Day at Magic Kingdom Part 4

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After the cousins got soaked at Ariel’s Grotto, we headed over to ride Dumbo. Cousin B had been talking about riding Dumbo for like a month before they got here. And then he didn’t want to go on it! He did ride the ride though but wouldn’t even touch the controls. Of course, Little Monkey tried to control our flying elephant but he is a bit of a shaky pilot.

Flying in Dumbo...a bit blurry!

Flying in Dumbo...a bit blurry!

After Dumbo, we decided that we better head over to meet Mickey Mouse but first we had a short detour to ride The Barnstormer at Goofy’s Wiseacre Farm. Little Monkey was finally tall enough to ride but once again, I was not allowed to ride (The dreaded “Expectant mothers should not ride.” sign). Little Monkey decided that he did want to ride the ride, so off he went with GrandMom, Aunt S, and Cousin S. Little Monkey even put his hands in the air while the roller coaster was climbing up.

Ready for the big drop...or is he?

Ready for the big drop...or is he?

After the ride was over though, he did look a bit concerned but he told me that he had a good time and that he wanted to ride it again! I’m sure we will go on it another time when we are at the Magic Kingdom. Since the day was wearing on…we headed into Mickey’s Country House so that we would be able to meet Mickey Mouse in the Judges Tent! The boys were happy to meet both Mickey and Minnie!

Little Monkey with Minnie and Mickey Mouse

After hanging out with Minnie and Mickey, we went over to the playground close by to run some more energy out of the boys. They had a good time but then decided that they were getting hungry. Someone decided on turkey legs, and thankfully there are some in Tomorrowland. We headed in Tomorrowland and stopped for turkey legs and I had a pretzel which was filled with cream cheese. It was yummy. There were these VERY annoying birds hanging out watching our EVERY move. I am sure they end up getting some great food hanging out at the house of mouse, but they were stalking us. Big Monkey had to keep chasing them away. It was beginning to get dark (I can hardly believe that we even made it this far through the day with all the boys!) but we had some time to kill before the fireworks. We decided to stick it out so that they boys could see the fireworks. To waste the time, we headed over to see Mike Wazowski at the Monster’s Inc Laugh Floor. We sent in some jokes in hopes of having them be used in the show. Little Monkey’s joke was used but no one else’s from our group was. I really like Monster’s Inc Laugh Floor, the show is different every time you go. They interact with the audience. The first time I went to Monster’s Inc Laugh Floor I was so impressed. Part of the Disney magic, of course. I asked my friend Joe, how they did it and he happened to know and explained it to me (I’m not telling you though, because that might ruin the magic for you!).

Finally it was just about time for the fireworks to start, so we found a place to sit and enjoy them. Cousin B once again, did not like the fireworks. He calmed down and did enjoy them some finally but only with his ears covered up. Little Monkey loved them and thought they were very cool. When the fireworks were over, we packed everybody up and headed for the front of the park so that we could do a bathroom stop and then get back to our car. Cousin B fell asleep in the stroller before we were even halfway up Main Street! Overall it was a long, warm, but good day.


2 Responses to Mother’s Day at Magic Kingdom Part 4

  1. Joe O. says:

    Of course I knew!! FYI – The main reason I know how they do the laugh floor is because it was on a special on the Travel Channel. The show was actually about Crush’s show at EPCOT, but it is the same technology!

  2. Corinna says:

    I found your blog on the Year of Crockpotting. I noticed it because Mattingly is my maiden name.
    So, just stopping by to say HELLO! 🙂

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