Well We Found Out-

I think we are still surprised. (Although I’m not sure why because Little Monkey seemed to think it was a girl most of the time.) Big Monkey is already starting to worry about having a little girl (even though that is what he was hoping for!)

We are working on the name bit…and are in need of middle name ideas. We are striking out with anything we come up with. She will also need a blog name…so any suggestions for that would be welcomed.

Big Monkey has already got me going through Little Monkey’s clothes from when he was a baby to get rid of them. So far I have made it through one box and have separated items to give away and items to try and sell to Once Upon A Child. Little Monkey had plenty of clothes (and we’ve already given away quite a bit to people at church!) and much of it is still in great shape. Hopefully we can sell some of it, of course that money will likely be turned right around to buy clothes or other pink items!

I plan to scan in some sonogram pictures for you to see also. That might be another couple of days though.


2 Responses to Well We Found Out-

  1. Joe O. says:

    Congrats (again)!!! He only has himself to blame for a girl!!! 😉

  2. Mom says:

    My Thanks to Big Monkey!! Good job!!

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