Let’s Go Magic!

Let’s get real. I really don’t care that much about basketball, or the playoffs, or who wins this year’s title. But…we do have a “hometown” team. And they are in the playoffs. So we have to care a little bit. The other night the team surprisingly pulled off a win against a team who has only lost two games at home ALL season. Way to go boys! It wasn’t looking good even in the beginning that they could even win the game, so good for them for getting it together and pulling out a win!

We had a special request in our Etsy shop, for some Orlando Magic coffee cozies. With them now in the playoffs, and doing well, we were of course even happier to oblige. (Of course we would have done it anyhow, but this just makes it better.) Take a look over at our shop and see what you might find. We have LOTS of new fabrics and things are getting added into the shop regularly. Don’t see what you want? Let us know, we might have it, or we could make it for you!


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