The Fishing Pole

Last week we started working on getting Little Monkey potty trained. Previously he didn’t have much interest and didn’t seem to “get” what was happening, (except when he pooped because he would go to another room or hide to do it). Since the baby is on her way, I wanted to work on getting him trained before that.

The first day did not go so well and we had multiple accidents but then it seemed to just click. The first time he actually went in the toilet, we had been playing outside and suddenly he said, “Mommy, I need to go potty.” I thought, yeah right…how does he know, but we went inside to try anyhow. Sure enough he went! Great job. He got coins for his bank and was very happy. He had one accident later that day. It was a good start.

We are now getting to the point where he seems to get it and wears big boy pants during the day, but a diaper for nap and nighttime. I have been putting him in pull ups for trips out (doctor, church, playgroup, etc) because I don’t quite trust him yet but I think we are getting there.

Last week we had gone to a friend’s house to play and the kids’ dad took them to the fishing hole and went fishing. All I heard about the rest of the day was that we needed to go fishing and we needed a fishing pole. So I decided to use it as a reward for potty training. We went to Walmart and checked out the fishing poles. Little Monkey was very excited. We also got some more big boy pants (underwear) for him to help with the excitement. It worked. The kid started telling us that he needed to go potty. He’s only had one accident recently but for the most part, has been doing very well. He even stopped asking for coins for his bank after he went potty!

We went the other night and let him pick out a fishing pole. He ended up getting a small Cars-The Movie one that came in a backpack with sunglasses and a small tackle box. It is very cute. That very night we were out in the front yard practicing how to cast the line out and reel it back in. He is pretty good at it too. At first when we went to the driveway to go “fishing,” Little Monkey was confused and asked where we would be fishing. I told him that we were just practicing for now. He was okay with that for a bit but then suggested that we go to the backyard and fish in the pool. Unfortunately the pool was still green and I told him that we did not need to be fishing in it. He was convinced that there would be fish in the pool.

Now we are just working on getting him to be able to go out in public more with wearing big boy pants and hopefully not having accidents. I am encouraged by how well it has gone so far.

Sorry to anyone who read this hoping for something better. This is what happens when you have kids…you get to talk about exciting stuff like potty training! 🙂


One Response to The Fishing Pole

  1. Grammy says:

    It is very exciting!!! Good job Mom and Paulie.

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