More Lacing Cards

Our church has a donation board that lists items that they would like to have for different ministries. Generally it is stuff for the kid’s programs (we have LOTS of kids!). A while back I saw that they wanted some lacing cards for the kids. I told one of the children’s leaders that we could easily and cheaply make our own. You may remember this post where I showed you how I made some for Little Monkey.

I had recently seen some other blogs where people had bought pre-cut foam shapes and just added the holes for lacing. I was having a hard time finding shapes that were cut out of thick enough foam. If the foam is too thin, it will not last very long. I came across some foam wands at the Dollar Tree and thought I would give them a try. I tried taking out the wand part but it just messed up the foam section. So I decided to cut down the wand to make it smaller and cut off part of the ribbon.

Lacing Cards!

Lacing Cards!

I made these yesterday and then went and picked up some more supplies to make a few more! I had some star shaped ones but had some issues with the holes and so those are out! Hopefully these will last a while before we need to make more. I am going to make a few more and try to space out the holes a little more (kinda like on the yellow heart one) to make it easier for the younger kids!

Here are the rest of them! I wasn’t too sure about the crowns, but I figured we could make them work. (Crown of thorns, Kings in the Bible, etc.) I guess we’ll see what the children’s workers think!

More Lacing Cards Done!

More Lacing Cards Done!

Oh and if you are wondering about cost…
3pack of Foam Wands at the Dollar Tree $1 each
8pack of shoelaces at the Dollar Tree $1 (gives you 16 laces since you only need one per card!)

So it comes out to about 39cents per lacing card!


2 Responses to More Lacing Cards

  1. Mom says:

    Way to go!!!! Probably should make some to sell at the next craft show!! :o)

    Kati Here:Yeah one of the girls from church already asked if I sell them! I told her we could make some at playgroup!

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