Trip To Aldi’s

Yesterday Little Monkey and I took in a trip to the library where some of our friends go and afterward went to Aldi, per the special request of Big Monkey. I think this trip to Aldi was the busiest I have seen it ever so far. There were lots of older folks there (of course that is the area that it is in). Little Monkey and I even had to explain a few things to another lady about Aldi. (I’ve written about Aldi before here, in case you are interested.) The lady didn’t know how to get a cart, so we showed her how you need a quarter to borrow a cart. You get your quarter back once you take your cart back up to the store. (This way they don’t have to pay people to retrieve carts, thus helping to keep their costs lower.) Once she followed us in the store, she asked us if they take checks (They do not, just cash and debit.)

We proceeded to shop and she asked us a few more questions along the way. This trip was mostly to get wine, as requested by Big Monkey, but we did pick up some other stuff to try too. Here is the breakdown of our trip:

2-Bottles Shiraz $2.99 each
2-Bottles Merlot $2.99 each
1-Box Krusteaz Lemon Bars $0.99
1-Box Krusteaz Raspberry Bars (I thought these were also $0.99 but they were not.) $1.99
3-Boxes of Yogos $0.50 each!!!! Great deal!!! (And Little Monkey can have these!)
1-Pancake Shake Up $0.99 (Trying it out)
2-Cinnamon Cereal $0.99 each (On clearance but with best buy dates into 2010! Thought we’d give it a try.)
1-24 pack bottled water $2.99
1-Frozen Raviolis $2.99 (Trying them out-Had them for dinner last night…not bad.)
1-Frozen Rib Pork Patties $2.69 (Trying these out too)

Grand Total $29.03

Unfortunately, this is where my day got a little stressful. My debit card was denied…ummm what?!?! I was a little embarrassed and there was a big line behind me but I just moved aside and they suspended my transaction. I called Big Monkey and had him look at the checking account. Sure enough, a couple of checks that I was not aware of, were cashed and when I set up the bills to be paid today, it ended up overdrafting our account. I do not recall the last time this has happened. (I don’t do stuff like that!!) I had Big Monkey move some money over and that was that. I was able to go back after the line was empty and pay our bill. So, a little stressful and embarrassing but not the end of the world. I have since fixed the banking issue and things are all set.


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