Frugal But Thoughtful?

This year we were invited to a graduation open house but we were not able to make it. I still wanted to get something for this graduate but we also didn’t have much extra money to get her something. I came across this idea online that was originally used for a child turning 13 (13 Rocks!!) but someone had also adapted it to graduation (Class of 2009 Rocks!!). Since I’m pretty sure that Rachel does not read my blog, I can share this with you! (And Rachel if you do read my blog…well it is the thought that counts right?)

It is a bouquet of Pop Rocks! I took the Pop Rocks and attached them to small plastic rods (leftover from another project). I got a small piece of floral foam from a thrift store, wrapped it with some tissue paper and fit it into the coffee mug. I organized the Pop Rocks and made a little sign on my computer.

The sign says:

Congratulations on your graduation, Rachel. You Rock!!!
So always trust the Lord because he is forever our mighty Rock.  Isaiah 26:4
The Mattingly Family

Hopefully Rachel does think it is thoughtful and creative. If you are looking to make your own Pop Rocks bouquet, you can find Pop Rocks at the gas station, Walmart, Target and the Dollar Tree.


One Response to Frugal But Thoughtful?

  1. Mom says:

    Very cute!!! Good job!!!

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