Nilla Wafers

Recently I had a craving for some Nilla Wafers…I’m sure this has something to do with being pregnant and the large abundance of frosting in our fridge. When I went grocery shopping the other day, I remembered about the Nilla Wafers and picked some up. Well actually I picked up the Publix store brand of Vanilla Wafers because I’m cheap and they were cheaper than Nilla Wafers. I have previously written about store brand versus name brand items but I had not tested out this item at that time.

With our shopping trips to Aldi, here and here, we have been trying out even more store brand/generic items. So today I am reporting about generic items we have tried. First off, those Publix store brand Vanilla Wafers. They are definitely NOT the same as Nilla Wafers at all. With a Nilla Wafer, you can dip it in the frosting container and it will not break, not so with every Publix one I tried. I ended up getting a knife out to spread the frosting on my cookies. The Publix brand crumbles very easily. They do not taste bad but they certainly are not Nilla Wafers.

Big Monkey has approved the wine from Aldi, which should be apparent since he sent us back there to buy more! The good news about the wine is that it is only $2.99 a bottle! The old types of wine that he would drink would be $5.99 when they were on sale, so I am glad that he likes this cheaper wine.

I am still not settled on the Aldi ground turkey. It is only $1.19 a pound, which is a GREAT price! We have tried it a few times now but I’m going to give it another shot. I’m concerned that it is salty tasting but Big Monkey is convinced that it is the mixes that we were adding to the meat (Hamburger Helper and taco seasoning). We will try again and see how it goes but if it is still salty tasting, we may be going back to buying ground turkey at either BJ’s or Publix.

On my last trip to Aldi, I picked up a few things to try out. We havent’ tried them all but here is a report on the items we have tried. The frozen raviolis were good, as long as the raviolis we normally buy are not on sale, these would be a good deal. I do plan to compare them though to the bulk package at BJs to see if that might be a better option. I have also tried the Cinnamon Roll Cereal. The first time I had it I did not like it at all but I did decide to give it another chance. The second try was better. 🙂 I will not be buying more of this type of cereal but we will eat it.

I am hoping to make it back to Aldi within the next week and hope that they still have Yogos. Little Monkey LOVES these and Aldi had them on clearance for 50cents a box. These normally run at least $2 a box anywhere else. All the boxes had best before December 2009 dates on them. Plenty of time to get them all eaten! Hopefully I can pick up some more for Little Monkey. Not only does he like them, but they aren’t worth too much phe so it is a great snack for him!


One Response to Nilla Wafers

  1. amy says:

    One time, I was at Publix with Mom and she sent me to the cookie aisle to get Nilla Wafers. I was SO tempted to get the Publix brand (just because she is pretty much ANTI the Publix brand), but I thought better of it. 🙂

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