A Day To Myself

Yesterday I had the day to myself…now that might sound amazing and wonderful to you, but I didn’t have much of a plan. (Maybe you can all leave suggestions as to what you would do with a day off, so I can make a list for next time.) Little Monkey was off having fun at the beach and Big Monkey was off working at the fire station.

Looks like he was having too much fun!

Looks like he was having too much fun!

I started the day by attempting to sleep in. I woke up when Big Monkey was getting ready for work but went back to sleep. I woke up off and on from about 7am until I got up at 8:30. I guess you can consider this sleeping in when Little Monkey has been getting up at 6:15! I had some breakfast and headed out for the post office and yard sales. The post office was a quick stop. I went to a local neighborhood’s community-wide garage sale. Sadly the garage sale was a bust. I found a few things that were okay but nothing I couldn’t live without. I didn’t make a single purchase! I was hoping for a garage sale with lots of little girl clothes for dirt cheap but I did not find that. I did find one yard sale that had TONS of baby boy stuff, but of course we have no need for that. There was another yard sale that looked promising with some girl clothes, but they were asking $3 for one item or $5 for two items. And this was used clothing and not name brand Tommy, Gymboree-type stuff. Yeah…I would be shocked if they sold any of it.

After that trek, I drove around to check out a few other yard sales that I had seen on Craigslist. All of them ended up being a bust for me too. I did get a slurpee at 7-11 though, so that was slightly redeeming. I came home and hung out. I couldn’t decide what to do with my day. I spent a little time cleaning up the kitchen and plenty of time playing around online. I also finished sewing a bib that I started the other day. It’s certainly not perfect, but it was a trial run, so I can live with that.

Later in the day I decided that Chipotle sounded good for dinner so I headed out to do a little shopping before picking up dinner. I went to Micheal’s, TJMaxx, and JCPenney. I didn’t buy anything! I came home with my dinner, ate it and played a little Wii. Wow….I’m so exciting when I have a day all to myself! Next time I have an entire day to myself, I need a better plan. Oh wait, I have Monday all to myself again too. (I do have a partial plan for Monday at least. 1. Go to Once Upon a Child and try to sell them some of Little Monkey’s clothes. 2. Go shopping while I wait for them to look over and decide on his stuff. 3. Finish laundry if I didn’t do it today. 4. Pack for the beach! I get to go to the beach on Tuesday after my doctor’s appointment.)


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