Side By Side

Over the weekend, we went to help our friends get some stuff moved into their new house. They had actually moved most of the big stuff the day before but we were not able to help that day. (Apparently everyone else who said they could help, changed their minds so they had no help on the big moving day.) After some discussion, we headed over to help them get the rest of the stuff moved and try and unpack some stuff too. We even showed up with some beer, such a nice housewarming gift, I suppose. 🙂

We got to the new house just as the moving truck was pulling in. The boys got started moving stuff; Little Monkey even wanted to help take stuff out of the truck and find a place for it. After some work, the boys had everything out of the truck and we had unpacked a handful of boxes inside. The boys ended up putting a fridge back into the moving truck and driving it to our house. Big Monkey made a deal with the other dad for their fridge. They brought their old fridge with them because it hadn’t sold yet and they did not need it in the new house. We will now be selling our fridge and giving them the proceeds of the sale. Big Monkey is very pleased with the new to us fridge. It is a side by side fridge and actually seems to have more space than we did before (I’m not sure how that is possible though.). It also has ice and water in the door, probably the biggest reason that Big Monkey wanted it!

Once the boys got the fridge moved into our house and returned the moving truck, they came back. In the meantime, I had been at the house with three kids. The kids were pretty good but a little crazy. Thankfully I managed to rig up the VCR to play a video for them. It seemed everyone was mostly settled in and so we headed back home. I spent a good portion of the rest of the night working on the two fridges. I cleaned out the new one and then started moving all the stuff over from our old one. I also ended up tossing quite a bit of stuff that had probably been in there just a little bit too long. Once I was done, the new fridge still looked rather empty (except for the door which has all our condiments and such). Big Monkey got the new fridge situated to the right spot and moved the other one out of the way. I took pictures of it and have listed it on Craigslist in hopes of getting it sold soon so we can get the money to our friends.

I’m sure we will enjoy the new fridge for a long time to come. I KNOW Big Monkey is going to LOVE the water and ice in the door part. And it means we can get rid of our Brita pitcher that sits on the counter (and that Big Monkey says we-meaning Amy and me-often forget to refill). I will be glad to not have to hear about how we forgot to refill the pitcher since he will now have access to the water in the door whenever he wants it!

The New Fridge

The New Fridge

Looks kinda empty...and I went shopping!

Looks kinda empty...and I went shopping!


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