Golf For A Cause

A couple weekends ago, Big Monkey went down to south Florida with his Dad (Grandpa) to play golf in the PKU Golf Tournament. The event is to raise money for PKU Research. This is the second year that Grandpa has gone to the tournament. This year he also had two other buddies go with him. They all met down in south Florida on Friday and played a practice round of golf. Then they went to a social hour and out for dinner.

On Saturday, they played in the tournament. Big Monkey said there was a decent turn out and they had fun. They did not win any of the big prizes or door prizes, but Big Monkey did get a “PKU Swag bag.” Inside the bag was a coupon for one food company and a gift certificate for another. There was also a box of cereal, mac and cheese, water bottle, banana muffin mix, blueberry muffin mix and vegetable masala meal. When Big Monkey brought the bag home, Little Monkey was SO excited that all of this stuff was for him! He has since tried the vegetable masala and at first said it was good but then we had to fight a bit to get him to finish it. I am excited for him to test out some of the other foods that he hasn’t had before.

The PKU Swag Bag! All for Little Monkey!

The PKU Swag Bag! All for Little Monkey!

The golfers also got golf “swag bags” but I didn’t take a picture. It included a golf magazine, two tshirts, divot repair thingys, coupons and some golf balls. If there was anything else in there, I’m not sure but that’s all I remember.


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