Time To Exercise

Last year we bought Wii Fit for my parents…and this year I decided to get us a Wii Fit. I turned on some of my “MyPoints” and also some of my “Swagbucks” for Amazon.com gift cards. Little Monkey was SO excited when I opened the box and he saw that we now own our own Wii Fit. He has played it many times before at my parents house and likes it. I was quite surprised to see that our Wii still retained all of my information and Wii Fit credits from when I played it with Mom and Dad’s on our Wii last year! I have lots of things already unlocked to play.

Little Monkey likes playing it and also likes watching me play it. I think he likes laughing at me the most! He really likes the penguin game but he hasn’t spent enough time on the Wii to earn it yet so he only gets to watch me play it! The first night we had it, everyone got on and did their basic testing. Big Monkey was not happy with the machine because it said that he was overweight (This is based on BMI) and that his Wii Fit age was 30. I don’t know if he will be getting back on it ever again! Little Monkey also did his test and was in the normal BMI range but his Wii Fit age was 28!! (He needs to work on his balance and control! I’m sure that is not easy for a three year old!)

I look forward to using the Wii Fit more (as long as I am able) to stay active and do exercises (some that certainly don’t seem like exercising) while I wait for the baby to arrive. I am also thinking about asking for the new Wii EA Sports Active game that came out to use to help get back in shape after the baby comes. I’ve heard it is a great workout and really meant for people who need to get in shape, not necessarily just lose weight.

Shoe! Ow! (This is often heard from Little Monkey while playing soccer!)

Shoe! Ow! (This is often heard from Little Monkey while playing soccer!)


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