Blockbuster Express?

Yesterday I had to run a couple errands and one included a quick stop into Publix to get some items that were on sale. I was surprised to find a movie rental box inside the store.

Blockbuster Express or Redbox

Blockbuster Express or Redbox

I was very surprised to see that it was a Blockbuster Express. This is the first one I have ever seen, although I had read that Blockbuster would be testing them out previously. What is even more interesting to me is that there is an actual Blockbuster Video retail store about 100 feet from this “Express” box that is located inside Publix. The movies are some of the same that you can get from the retail store but for only $1 a night. I decided to pick up a movie that Big Monkey had asked for before, Paul Blart: Mall Cop.

The rental process was very similar to renting from Redbox, except that I did not get a confirmation email when I got home saying what I had rented. I also do not have all the details on the Blockbuster Express rental policies. I know it was $1 per day. But I honestly don’t know if that means 24 hours from when I rented it or if it is back by X time the next day (like Redbox is 9pm). I probably should have looked into that better but oh well. I tried to do some looking around online for information but I have been striking out! If I get some more information, I will be glad to let you know! I’m excited about the ability to rent movies for $1 at Publix because it is closer to us than the closest Redbox.


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  1. Jennifer says:

    Movie rentals are $1.00 per night at the regular Blockbuster store now too – I discovered that recently when I went to go rent a movie for one of our youth ministry nights.

    Kati Here: Good to know! I have been avoiding Blockbuster in favor of Redbox because of the price!

    • S says:

      I rented from BB Xpress last night for the first (and last) time. One of the movies I chose was not dispensed and the screen said that I would not be charged for it. I received an email receipt showing that I rented two movies @ $1.08 each and the total showed $3.24 and the amount of $3.24 was charged to my account. I called the customer service number on the receipt and guess what, I was calling India! I don’t care about the extra dollar but at a time when the unemployment in the US is at an all-time high, Blockbuster has chosen to outsource their jobs to India! Keep my dollar, bring the jobs back to the U.S.! I am done with BB XPRESS!

  2. amypaul says:

    Never heard of that! That’s cool!

  3. Emily says:

    Did you like Paul Blart? I thought it was cute!

    Kati Here: It was alright. I could have gone without watching it but it was okay.

  4. Steve says:

    One of the questions I’m about to ask on my blog is whether or not Blockbuster will actually start putting the kiosk machines in its own stores as well as in the grocery right across the street.

    They need to go into other places like the grocery to get you when you weren’t planning to walk into their store. But in their own stores its an interesting idea that people might prefer to interact with the kiosk rather than the teen across the counter who might find it interesting that you are renting 9 1/2 weeks. Especially in a smaller community where you might know the clerk.

    I can also see the ability to add data from your Blockbuster Total Access account as well to suggest the next movie you might be interested in watching. Combining all that data together can help you pick what you might want to watch tonight.

    To keep up with more of what is happening with the Blockbuster Express kiosks, come check out

  5. Rosie says:

    Hey I also went to a Publix where I seen this bbexpress, was really shocked and realized the blockbuster store was right next door.
    I rented two movies at 9:50pm and returned next day at 8:45pm was charged 1st charge for two movies and tax and when returned received another charge of double the amount. I found that to be incorrect so tried finding further information on it, but as you said no info. on policy online.

    Promo code For free movie until 7/27/09: CKVPX987

    I do believe that movies, checked out at any time of day, are due back by 7pm the next day. The next time you check a movie out from Blockbuster Express, check in the “fine print” during check out. I’m pretty sure this is their policy.

  6. jeffhsdpros says:

    Red Box is way better! Blockbuster express has the worst customer service I have ever run into. On my first visit to a BBE at Publix it took my card info, told me the movie was unavailable and charged my card anyways. I called customer service and only got bad attitude and a hostile rep. Forget Blockbuster Express, I would never rent with that system again.

  7. FLKitty says:

    I rented 2 movies Tuesday night at about 8:30 pm from a BBE and returned them Wednesday night (last night) at about 9:00 pm. I had a code for a free night for one of them. I just checked online for my receipt and for my “free” one it charged me $1.06… Ok, I did keep it 24.5 hours, but I’ve committed this sin with Redbox also and not been charged. My other movie, even though it was returned in the SAME EXACT transaction showed that it was not turned in until this morning and charged me $3.18, that should have been $2.13 at worst, even if I didn’t return it until today. I of course can’t find any information to register a complaint or try to get a refund… Trying to find some is how I came across this blog. I’ve frequently rented from Redbox with no issues, I’ll never use BBE again.

    Kati Here: I’m sorry you had such trouble but I agree there are some issues with BBE, customer service appears to possibly be the biggest one. I have yet to have issues with either BBE or Redbox, but if I did, I probably would stop using it too!

  8. Lauren says:

    I rented one Friday and one Saturday. I am still trying to decode my bank account and figure exactly how much I paid. I know its more the $1 a night like Redbox! And you can get and email, it asked if I wanted my receipt via email, but I declined.

    I will say that it was convenient walking out of Publix to rent – but not so convenient to return. I have a young son, and can’t leave him in the car like at the Mc Donalds or Walgreens parking lot. That is onece you even find a space at Pulix!

  9. Maggie says:

    Blockbuster Express is very convient. You have to make sure you have the time to return the dvds to the machine. It is going to take a minute, but the process is fast. Like any modern technology it is going to have its flaws. When the kiosk was down I simply called the customer service line and the kind person returned my dvd manually and I left it with the store customer service desk. Just so you know, when you rent with your card the bank pre authorizes a temporary hold of $1.00 per dvd you rent. It falls off after you return the dvd. You gotta read the terms and agreements when you rent. The dvds are due by 7pm, if you return after you are late and you get charged, so just follow the rules. You should always provide you email address so you get a receipt and also they send you free dvd codes.

  10. Cherese says:

    I personally do not like BBE. I know they are just starting out, but you can’t reserve movies online (as far as I know), and I can’t possibly return a movie before 7 pm with 3 little ones at home. I will stick with Redbox, the 9 pm return deadline is way more manageable. Also does anyone have any problems taking the movies out of the case? Both of the movies I tried were scratched and stopped working towards the end of the movie, I missed 5 minutes of each movie. It was not worth the hassle, Redbox is more convenient were I live and I have never had any problems with any of their movies.

  11. Terry says:

    Do not rent from them. I have been billed three times for the rental of one movie. I returned it on time and in addition to being billed three times, I have been billed $26.50 for the movie.
    I called customer service only to be transferred to India and got absolutely no satisfaction. They told me to go to the store where the machine was installed. The store said I had to call the 800 number, meanwhile my card was charged for the movie $26.50 plus the rental charge was duplicated three times. They are frauds!!!

    • sunshinekmp says:

      I am sorry you had such a bad experience with them. I have yet to have an experience like yours but if I did, I would probably not be renting from them anymore either.

    • Sonia says:

      Same here I returned a movie on October 18 and recieved a confiration text on October 31 and just happened to look on my bank account on 11-14-10 and have been charged 26.50 for a movie I returned on 11-18. I spoke to a rude customer service agent and he wanted me to foward te text message that I did not keep thinking this was all over on the 31st.!!!!! Please don’t rent from these people!!!

  12. David Tybor says:


    Same here, Last time I rent from a BB kiosk. Was charged for 2 days even though I returned before 9PM the next day. Never had this issue with Redbox. Also, redbox offers Blue ray disks in my area. I have a blue ray player and it’s night and day seeing blue ray on a big screen vs a standard dvd.

  13. Krissy says:

    I went to the Blockbuster express a couple of nights ago. I tried to rent a movie but the zip code to my debit card didn’t match up so I canceled it. The next day I looked at my account and they charged me twice and I didn’t even get a movie out of the deal. I hate blockbuster!

    • sunshinekmp says:

      Sorry for your bad experience with Blockbuster Express. I don’t work for them and just wrote about my experiences. I would venture to guess that those charges are just pending and will go away in a few days but I could be wrong. You can always call them or dispute the charge with your bank.

  14. Gina says:

    I used BBE for the first (and last) time a couple of weeks ago. I rented SALT (great movie). The movie was damaged and 40 minutes into it the dvd skipped due to scratches. I immidiateley returned it and went to Redbox to get another copy. I emailed the customer support at the BBE website but got no response. I tell everyone I know, not to use BBE but to stick with Redbox.

  15. Steve says:

    I rented from BBE for the first time because now they have a unit nearby. I used the promo code twice (once on two separate accounts — different credit cards and email accounts). I returned the movies the next day at the last minute. One was returned at 8:59pm, and the other at 9:00pm. There was no charge for the first movie, but the second one was charged $1.08. I guess when they say the movie is due by 9pm the next day, they really mean it’s due by 8:59pm. Like someone else said, I’ve returned Redbox movies a few minutes after 9pm and they never charged for the extra day.

    The BBE screen was a bit fuzzy or lower resolution than Redbox. That could have been an issue with just this one BBE machine. A couple of things I did like though, was that it accepts the disks back quicker than Redbox; the mechanism works faster. Secondly, the DVD cases are better than Redbox’s, which sometimes don’t snap closed all the way making it hard to return. But of the two BBE movies I rented, one of the cases had a felt lining in the case which cleans the disk anytime you remove or insert the disk, but the other DVD case must have been older as it had no felt lining (that disk was also a bit scratched, but it played ok). I haven’t needed to call or email BBE customer service, and from comments on this page I hope I don’t need to! Redbox customer service has been great.

  16. Steve says:

    Oh, by the way, for those who were charged for extra nights or even charged when they canceled the transaction, definitely call your credit card company to dispute the charge and have it removed. It may only be a buck or two, but if everyone lets that happen then BBE will continue with those business practices. When that mode of operation becomes unprofitable, they will cease doing it.

  17. Avari says:

    Check out to find the full terms and conditions and then check out the help section for some FAQs

  18. Bill Wagh says:


  19. Wendell says:

    I was incorrectly charged for an extra night. Called customer service and was given a refund confirmation number. Two weeks later my card has not been credited. Called again and was told that they are behind in processing refunds. Makes me wonder why they have so many refund requests to be that back logged. This is the third time I am having this experience. Guess I should be taking my business someplace else.

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