Diaper Cake

Last night we had a baby shower for a friend at church who is due in just four weeks! I was in charge of some of the food. I brought cookies, veggies, fruit and banana pudding (my first time making banana pudding). I am told everyone thought the banana pudding was very good. I thought it was not like how my mom makes it (even though I did it how she said to) and that it seemed maybe a little runny. It was still tasty though.

I had seen many times before “Diaper Cakes” that people had made as a combo decoration and gift. I had never made one and wanted to try my hand at it. I did some looking around online for some decent instructions and went to work. When I was done I thought it was a little plain but my sister suggested adding some flowers to it. That did the trick. It was very cute and everyone liked it, especially the Mom-to-be. 🙂 It served as decoration and she can take it apart later and use the diapers once the baby is big enough.

One of the hostesses, who house the event was at, used her gift as decoration too. It was very cute. She had gotten a handful of clothing items for the baby girl and hung them up as if they were on a clothesline drying. At the end of the shower, we took them all down and sent them home with the mom-to-be. I believe she enjoyed herself, as did the guests.


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