Little Monkey’s New Room

Over the past week, Amy has moved her stuff out of her room and so we spent most of Wednesday working on getting Little Monkey’s stuff into his new room. At first he was very confused about why Mimi’s bed and drawers weren’t in there but then he started helping move stuff in and got excited about his room. It was quite a production getting things moved around but it happened. Little Monkey has bunk beds…and well the way his old room, new room and hallway all line up, we had to take one end off of both the top and bottom bunk to get them out of one room and into the next.

I also finished going through his closet, where I found three boxes of clothes that don’t fit him yet (size 3T stuff) and four boxes of clothes that are too small for him! (Along with plenty of toys for our baby girl (She still needs a blog name) and some clothes for her too.) Her room is now a HUGE mess of stuff we are keeping for her, stuff we need to sell and stuff we need to give away.

I think Little Monkey’s favorite part of his new room is his computer area. We used to keep his computer out in the living room, where he could use it while we watched tv or worked on our own computers. Unfortunately for him (or maybe fortunately) we could really use the space his computer was in for storage. We gave him a new tv (the one Amy used in her room) and put it on his desk. He now has a little computer corner in his room. He has gone in there and turned in on to play many times already. I think having it out in the open makes him remember that it is there more and so he is playing it a lot.

Computer Corner

Computer Corner

Here you can see his bunk beds and there is a large bookshelf back behind there that is filled with books and toys (He’s also housing some of our books!). In between his beds and the bookshelf he has his little lego table with his extra legos on the bottom shelf of the bookshelf. You can also see his car carpet in front of his bed.

Bunk Beds

Bunk Beds

And here is Little Monkey’s closet! Thanks to clearing out those boxes of clothes that are too small, he has lots of space in his new closet. All his shirts are hanging up and the rest of his clothes are in those cubbies for now. I would like to find him a dresser that will fit in his closet that he will be able to use on his own. Until that happens, we’ll see how the cubbies work out.



We even got all of Little Monkey’s pictures hung up on the walls too. I think he is happy with his new room. It is bigger (or at least seems it) than his old room and he is enjoying having his computer out to play on. We’ll see what he thinks once his old room turns into the nursery!


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