Baby Girls Room

Baby Girl's Room

Doesn’t this look like progress? We got Little Monkey’s room all settled, but now Baby Girl’s room is a wreck! I’ve got some of that stuff listed on Craigslist and am hoping to sell it! Some of it is stuff that we are keeping for Baby Girl. Yeah…it’s a mess. Oh wait, is that not enough mess for you??

Our Room!

Our Room!

This was what my room looked like yesterday and most of last night. Thankfully it doesn’t look like that anymore. Big Monkey moved the bed, flipped the mattress, vacuummed under the bed, cleaned out the junk from under the bed and put window tinting on our window. I washed the sheets and mattress cover and today I will wash the comforter. I appreciate the work he did, as it was needed but it seems as if he is on a war path to get as many things done in as little days as possible. Oh well, at least things are getting done!


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