Sorry I have nothing really great to post about but I wanted to show you two things that you might be interested in.

First off-Today is a Woot Off! Lots of stuff you probably don’t want but every once in awhile that one item you just can’t live without. So head over to today and maybe you will find something you just have to have!

Also today over at We Are THAT Family, it is Works for Me Wednesday. Every week, people link up with posts on their own blogs about “What Works for Them.” There is always a large assortment of the types of things people post, but one that I ran across this morning is VERY simple and a yummy snack. I will probably be making them later! (Hey the baby NEEDS chocolate!) To find out about this yummy snack, head over to Bake at 350 for the post!


One Response to Borrowing–

  1. amy says:

    that looks GOOD!

    Kati Here: I know! I was thinking about making some tonight!! šŸ™‚ Want to come over?

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