Injured Again!

I think it is just what boys do. Play hard and get hurt. Or just do something silly/stupid and get hurt. Last night Little Monkey was at it again. You may recall this post from last year where he got scraped up.

Yesterday the boys did some handy work around the house. Big Monkey, with Little Monkey’s expert help, replaced the laundry facuet with a new one. The old one was leaky and we already pay enough for our golden water, so we needed to get this fixed. Here is a look at Little Monkey helping out:

Little Monkey doing the hard work!

Little Monkey doing the hard work!

After they finished that work, they decided to wash both cars! Little Monkey changed into his swimsuit and helped Big Monkey clean the cars…for a few minutes anyway. Then he really just wanted to play in the bubbles and play with his toys. I was hanging out watching them and things were almost done. Big Monkey was drying the truck off and I was on the phone with Little Monkey’s GrandMom. Little Monkey had managed to climb up into the back of Big Monkey’s truck. (I’m not even sure how this was possible as the tailgate was up, but he apparently made it over the tailgate and into the back.)

All of a sudden, we hear this loud noise and I see Little Monkey’s hands on the ground and then he was crying. Big Monkey went and grabbed him. What appears to have happened was that he was in the bed of the truck and opened the tailgate and fell out. He did catch himself a little bit with his hands but still managed to get some road rash on his forehead and nose. He also had a little bit of a bloody nose. I think he looked/looks worse than this photo implies. He was fine after just a few minutes and even went swimming. He appears to be okay, aside from his scrapes. He noticed them in the mirror and asked what was wrong with his face and I explained it was from when he fell. Oh the joys of having a boy!

Scraped up forehead and nose

Scraped up forehead and nose


One Response to Injured Again!

  1. Joe O. says:

    Ouch…but he is still smiling and didn’t lose any teeth!

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