A couple of weeks ago, a few different blogs had posted some fun ideas of things to do during the summer (or really whenever) with your kids. I had been making stuff in the kitchen all day for our church picnic and Little Monkey had wanted to help. Of course, when he helps it takes about four times as long. I told him that once I finished I had a special project we could make and he could help out if he wanted. This seemed to work. He waited his turn and then when I let him know I was ready, he ran off to grab his apron and come help.

We made Oobleck-that we found on this site. (It is an old post of theirs but they also have lots of other great crafting ideas too.) All you need is two cups of cornstarch and one cup of water. Also if you’d like colored Oobleck, you can add food coloring to the water before you add it to the cornstarch. ( I actually wouldn’t recommened this unless you just have to have color or have really awesome scrubbing soap. Our hands were colored for quite some time, even with good scrubbing.)

Little Monkey measuring the cornstarch

Little Monkey measuring the cornstarch

After we added the water, I did the mixing up and then showed Little Monkey how the glob of goo worked. He thought it was fun to get his hand all covered up and then try and pull it out and watch it all pour off his hands. It is an interested concoction for sure. It can be hard like a solid or pour right off your hands like a liquid.

Enjoying playing with the Oobleck!

Enjoying playing with the Oobleck!


3 Responses to Oobleck?

  1. Mom says:

    What fun!!!

  2. Uncle K says:

    Goo. Mmmm. Totally.

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