Bean/Rice Bags Gift

Little Monkey and I went to a birthday party for one of his little friends yesterday. I was at a loss of what to get her but we ended up picking out a cute outfit at Target. And then I remembered these beanbags I had seen on Lil Blue Boo just the other day. I got it in my head that I would get them made for the birthday girl…hours before we were to be at the party! (I recall making her a tag blanket for her baby shower last year…also hours before the party!)

I made mine a bit differently than the tutorial. 1. I did not paint the letters on. I used fabric and ironed the letters onto the other peices of fabric. 2. I filled the bags with rice instead of beans-only because I didn’t have beans and figured the rice would work out okay. It did work fine but next time I would probably rather use beans of some sort. 3. I did not do a top stitch all the way around like the tutorial. (I wasn’t looking at the directions when making them-trying to get them done during nap time. And I couldn’t figure out how they would have top stitched them with the beans inside. After the fact I see they did the top stitch before adding the beans. (Oh well-there is always next time.)

I plan to make more. A name set for Little Monkey and also one for his sister. If I’m really feeling adventurous, I might make a whole alphabet set! (I’ve got a few projects to get done before that happens though!) Let me know what you think…we might add these as an option to our Etsy store.

Jayde's Rice Bags


4 Responses to Bean/Rice Bags Gift

  1. Kerri says:

    These are super cute. I could use about 100 of these for Red Bug. 🙂

  2. Joe O. says:

    You need to shrink the width of the picture I think!

    Kati Here: I did that….like 100 times! 🙂 I gave up!

  3. Ashley says:

    Cute! They turned out well.

    As for the picture problem, try going into your HTML and reduce the pixel size (you’ll have to calculate it) i.e. reduce the length and width by 75%

    Kati Here: Thanks! I tried changing the pixel size….but it’s not working for me! 🙂 I give up for now. Thanks though for the nice comments and help!

  4. […] Recently I had posted about the rice/bean bags that I had made as a gift for a friend. I had some comments about how they were cute and all; one person even suggesting that they would […]

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